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Teck Tip 13
How to properly “Quick Check” Multi-RAM RDA IIIA Instruments


Use only the U-TECK “Quick Check” gas and Gas Flow Regulator provided by U-TECK. “Quick Check” gas is formulated specifically for testing Multi-RAM RDA IIIA instruments to ensure that the unit’s lowest level of response to combustible gas is at 10% LEL (Lowest Explosive Level) of methane.

The calibration “Quick Check Kit” consists of one small lightweight steel cylinder of 5000 parts per million test gas (methane in air mixture), a valve to regulate gas flow, a hose with an adapter for applying gas to the instrument sensor, and a small screwdriver for adjustments if necessary.

A “quick check” of the instrument should be performed in a gas free atmosphere at the job site prior to “Testing, Purging, and Ventilating”, or as covered by other company practices….

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