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Attic-Trax™ Walkboards are used to assist a technician in traversing safely through an attic space while performing functions such as wiring, equipment installations, pest control, etc. Constructed from durable composites that has beveled edges and corners, the Attic-Trax™ Walkboards feature four sturdy support rails underneath to prevent any movement once it has been put between the joists.

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  • 700 lb. load rating
  • Made from lightweight composites
  • Convenient detachable carrying handle
  • Service temperature range: -4OF to 18OF
  • High-visibility yellow edges for visual safety
  • Works in attics with 16” or 24” OC joist spaces
  • Quick-connect comfort handle for easy transport
  • Two 18” x 26” work surfaces per kit



With all the same great features, the all new Attic-Trax™ GLOW Walkboards come with High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape! Low light conditions and power outages in the workplace increase health and safety hazards, and doing your upmost to eradicate the problems that may arise can save you and your employees a lot of hardship. Our proprietary Attic-Trax™ "Glow" is manufactured using the latest technology in photo-luminescence to ensure our Walkboards are illuminated well enough for you to work safely and find your way.

The glow in the dark materials used to manufacture our Attic-Trax™ Walkboards are non-toxic, and free from any phosphorous or radioactive material. Photo-luminescent tape can take very little time to charge by absorbing artificial or natural light (recommended approx. 2 hours) by the use of photons. In a lights out situation glow in the dark tape emits a strong photo-luminescent reaction that can illuminate your path of work and travel.

Attic-Trax™ Glow meets class A classification, ASTM 2072, glowing for ~ 450 minutes.­

VPN: 62028-G

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