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“Splicers Choice” – The U-TECK Workstation

This month’s featured product is U-Teck’s Fiber Optic Splicing Workstation.  This lightweight, portable and compact work station is essential for all your fiber splicing needs.  While lightweight and easily transportable this unit features heavy duty steel legs with 2 different mounting position heights to keep you as comfortable as possible while splicing.  The unit is customizable and versatile enough to be used in tight manholes, central offices, aerially and in many other environments.  Simply disconnect the steel legs from the table top and with the use of the aerial strand cables accessories your table top is right where you need it with all your equipment and tools while working in a bucket.  The table top is extremely customizable keeping the end user in mind with many slots, holes and recessed pockets for all your tools and testing/cleaning supplies.  The included cable management system helps keep your fiber where you need it and when you need it.  With a wide range of available accessories such as tablet/phone mount, LED work light with include magnifying glass, seat tether, etc. truly make this the “splicers choice”


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“The U-TECK F/O Splicing Workstation has been a hugely successful product for our field technicians. Giving them the ability to attach it to a wall mounted ONT, in a basement and or using it on an aerial splice has greatly improved both tech confidence when splicing and production. We look forward to the next innovations from U-TECK.”    M. Torres   Construction Manager – New York


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