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VPN: 55430-SS
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  • Anti-Skid Botton
  • Convenient Tool Slot
  • Swivel 360 Degrees
  • Seat Back and Cushion Area
  • Removes and Folds up
  • Weather Resistant
  • All Hardware is Stainless Steel
  • Can be Broken into 2 pieces For Tight Places and Easy Storage.
  • Seat Can Be Used With or Without Back
  • P-Splicer Seat base is available in Grey and High Visibility Safety Orange

U-TECK WorkCenter Ergo Seat has taken a field-proven and craft accepted design (The Splicer Seat) and incorporated it into the WorkCenter, the newly designed Ergo Splicer Seat work station. The upper portion of this seat removes easily and makes setup possible, even in tight, hard to maneuver spaces.

The WorkCenter as a complete unit is available to be ordered, or you can purchase a simple kit which will retro fit the thousands of existing Splicer Seats that are being used by companies today. This will result in a tremendous savings for your individual budget.

The multi-faceted unit is also the toolbox personnel are accustomed to, which lets them keep their tools and materials convenient during an entire operation. U-TECK has also designed a new Universal Splicing Head Adapter for mounting splicing heads to the seat base. This adapter will accept virtually any splicing machine. It may be mounted in different positions to accommodate the preference of the individual splicer. This makes the WorkCenter a complete workstation.

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The WorkCenter Ergo Seat is available in several different kits:

“P” Seat with Ergo Seat
VPN: 55430-SS
“P” Seat with Ergo Seat and Tool Pouch
VPN: 55430-SS-POC
WorkCenter Retrofit Kit
WorkCenter Retrofit Kit with Tool Pouch
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