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U-TECK manufactures and supplies specialized products and services for the telecommunication, utility, municipal and transportation industries. The central objective of U-TECK is the pursuit of excellence.  U-TECK is dedicated to developing high-quality, innovative solutions that simplify everyday jobs in the field, including the unique, 100 percent recycled WeedEnder® vegetation control matting for state departments of transportation and municipalities. Currently enjoying their 30th year anniversary, U-TECK is headquartered in Fayetteville, NC, with a nationwide distributor network. For more information on U-TECK and its products, visit or call +1 (800) 542-7011


Products and Services

Research and Development
Developing specialty products and solutions based on customer relationships and market needs.

30 years of unique product development has positioned U-TECK as one of the most valued resources in the markets and industries that we serve.

Continued support for products by providing proper calibration, testing, repairs and training.


Our Most Valuable Asset

Training and Development
Provide quality training, mentorship and continuing education.

Continuing Process Improvement
Improving operation processes through ISO 9001-2015 implementation allowing us to better meet customer requirements and improve corporate culture.

Creating a healthy work environment that cultivates an exchange of ideas and working towards common goals.


In the Community

Offering employees the opportunity for personal growth through individual participation in locally sponsored charity events.

Engaging employees to participate as a group in community activities and fundraisers.


We are pleased to focus on programs that address business, education, services for veterans and the military, health and human services, as well as the environment.

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