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• Quick and easy set-up • Many safety features
• Lightweight & compact • Full circulation
• Non-corrosive hardware • Reflective sides
• No preshrinking • Will not mildew
• 10” Blower Port in back

U-TECK has developed the Vent-Tent, a portable shelter with more safety features than any other manufacturer currently has available in today’s market.

The Vent-Tent is specially designed to safeguard the craft person from fatal carbon monoxide build-up. The standard features that U-TECK installed allow air to be fully circulated by the following methods:

• Three of the sides have a lower-level vent, which allows for up to 18 inches of opening for air circulation at ground level.
• Two of the sides have a window, which may also be opened for upper-level air circulation.
• The combination of open lower-level vents and open windows allows for cross-ventilation, which eliminates the possibility of fatal carbon monoxide build-up.

U-TECK has also installed a “sock” in the back of the Vent-Tent to allow for a ventilator hose, blower, or heater-blower combination to be hooked up.

In addition to carbon monoxide protection, the Vent-Tent, with its roll-up bottom and side windows, is excellent on hot, rainy day

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