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• Two cable guides for easy payout
• Constructed form rustproof high density structural plastic
• Keeps contents dry in harsh conditions
• Measures 37” wide x 21” deep x 20” high
• Recessed soft grip handles
• Theft resistant key lock with 2 keys
• For added security, two padlocks can be added

U-TECK has come up with a practical solution to the problem of storing and transporting drop wire, station wire, and aerial drop wire shipping boxes.

Usually, these shipping boxes are out in the weather, getting wet, and disintegrating, making it more difficult to use them as they were intended. Also, theft of copper wire has become an ever increasing problem.

U-TECK has developed a Cable and Wire Storage Box that fits neatly in the back of service trucks and vans, keeping these boxes of wire and cable dry, safe and secure.

Additionally, there are two cable guides on the front of the storage box so cable can be pulled from the innerboxes without having to unlock it. Each box is made from tough, high density, structural plastic, which will withstand the harshest elements.

With a soft-feel, recessed handle on each end and a keyed lock your cable, wire, and other contents are going to remain safe and ready when you need them.

VPN: 59100

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