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U-TECK manufactures a full line of Fire Retardant Backboards for Telecom and Datacom Equipment Installations. Check your local building codes and requirements. These backboards make installations quick and uncomplicated for technicians and contractors on the move and come ready for interior or exterior applications!

Our backboards are constructed of ¾” AC grade interior plywood purchased from sustainable forest wood manufacturers. They have 4 pre-drilled mounting holes, are sanded and then painted with gray or white fire retardant intumescent paint. The board is Class “A” rated per ASTM E84 (testing documentation available upon request). Our finished backboards are of the finest quality, and we have supplied backboards without any safety concerns or complaints regarding quality and reliability.

By specifying U-TECK Backboards, you can be sure you will uphold the quality and safety standards of your company while meeting todays construction guidelines.

Offering the highest quality products available is always our top priority. This objective was never taken more seriously than when we were approached to produce a fire-retardant backboard for use with telecommunication equipment. While other manufactures offer products using just the paint testing to prove fire retardancy, we aimed for a Class “A” rating for the entire backboard! We submit random backboards to an outside testing lab to continuously test our finished units using the Steiner tunnel test. This test is conducted in accordance with the ASTM International fire-test response standard E84, to ensure our finished products can be labeled as Class “A” rated, the highest rating available within that ASTM specification. Every U-TECK Fire-Retardant Backboard comes with this Class “A” rating, along with the Class Rating Label affixed to each board! That makes ours the safest backboards available in the market today! Custom Colors are available!

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Available in standard or notched sizes.

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