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Working in confined spaces can be tricky, and without the right equipment, dangerous. No matter what environment you have to deal with, a plentiful supply of fresh, circulating air or removal of harmful air is critical.To work comfortably and safely it is your job to take the proper safety precautions and choose the right equipment. Put simply, you have to insure the ventilator you choose will be durable, dependable and perform under the toughest conditions.For a versatile portable ventilator with just the right amount of power, the UT-VAF-1500 (blower/extractor) or UT-VAF-1500B (blower only) is ideally suited for light industrial or utility applications.

A perfect workhorse for small confined spaces, such as manholes and sewers, these compact blowers deliver maximum airflow for a safe, comfortable and controlled work environment. Your construction, utility or telephone crews can depend on the UT-VAF-1500/1500B to deliver a continuous flow of fresh air to the UT-VAF-1500 to blow and extract toxic or noxious gases.

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  • CFM rating of 877 (UT-VAF-1500) and 749 (UT-VAF-1500B)
  • Lightweight, only 18 pounds (8.2 Kg)
  • Stackable to save storage or work space area
  • Available in bright yellow for high visibility
  • Capability to connect up to 50 feet (15.24 m) of straight duct
  • Ideal for manhole applications
  • This model is available with an American 3-prong plug or with the European Shuko plug.
   MODEL  UT-VAF-1500  UT-VAF-1500B  A B
 Voltage  115V AC~  230V AC~   115V AC~
 Frequency  60 Hz  50 Hz   60 Hx
 Phase  Single  Single   Single
American 3-prong plug
(pictured on the left)
European Shuko plug
(pictured on the right)
 Electric Motor  1/4 Hp  1/4 Hp   1/4 Hp
 Current (amps)  2.5  1.3   2.5
 R.P.M.  3000  2260   3000
 Max. S.P.  1.5″  1.5″   1.5″

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