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U-TECK’s backboards
ship to our customers
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  • Constructed from 3/4” impact resistant plastic
  • Paintable and ready to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Moisture and termite proof
  • A size for every job
  • No grain raise or knots
  • No splitting or cracking
  • UV stable
  • Meets UL94 5V, UL 1975 and has a flame spread of 20 according to ASTM E84

U-TECK recognizes the need for long-lasting material construction when choosing a backboard for outdoor use. Nature itself can be a brutal force, with outdoor backboards being exposed to fluctuating temperatures, rain, wind, and hours of direct sunlight. When you choose an outdoor backboard, choose one that will outlast standard wood backboards for years of low maintenance use.

Made from 3/4” impact resistant plastic, our Exterior Backboards are super tough and moisture proof. Available in any size configuration, this backboard will never rot, split or crack, yet can be drilled and painted like wood. It is perfect for any outdoor mounting use, including on cell towers to mount communication and power equipment.

Why mount your equipment to backboards that will need to be replaced due to constant weather exposure? Choosing the right tool for the job guarantees you’ll save your company time and money.

Exterior Backboard Data Sheet

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