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Sensit P100 Personal Gas Monitor

VPN: UP100-O2
VPN: UP100-H2S


• Two year operation
• Serviceable sensors
• Easy calibration
• One button operation
• Audible, visual, and vibration alarms
• Limited two year warranty (including sensor)
• Low initial cost
• Low cost of ownership
• Event log of 100 alarms
• Field calibrateable
• Virtually water proof

Personal gas monitor for CO, O2 or H2S

Protect personnel from, unsafe oxygen concentrations, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide gases.  The extremely durable Sensit P100 will provide audible, visual and vibration alarms when any of the preset limits are exceeded.  The preset operational life at 24 months provides an easy reminder to have the sensor and battery serviced.


Common Uses

  • Monitor environments for hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide gases as well as oxygen deficiency.
  • Monitoring prior to entry and continuously during work in confined spaces.
  • Utility and propane service personnel, and emergency responders use these to monitor or test levels of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide during investigations.
  • Utilities may monitor areas around “live” gas operations to alert workers of potential oxygen deficient conditions.
  • Oil and gas production personnel monitor work environments from H2S releases.
  • Propane operators will use these to monitor the air prior to entering large tanks for maintenance.

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