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The SuperJamb Jamb Skid



  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No tools needed!
  • Can be set up quickly by one person in minutes
  • Provides secure mounting location for RayDius Quad Block, or sheaves, to ensure minimum bend diameter is met
  • Adjustable positioning of Quad Block allows easy configuration for infinite pulling scenarios.
  • Adjustable Pressure Bar provides Side Lateral Support
  • Allows for more room while working in cramped and congested environments

INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW U-TECK SuperJamb Jamb Skid! This product works with our RayDius Fiber Quadrant Block, Quad Block Support Bar and Quad Block Coupling Bar.

Our all new lightweight design makes cable placement in communications vaults easier than ever before! Gone are the bulky, cumbersome jamb skids of the past!

The SuperJamb Jamb Skid sets up within minutes, and due to its lightweight construction is easy to maneuver and reposition if need be while inside the vault. Cables can be attached and detached easily to quadrant block or cable sheaves. Extends from 73″ to 114″.

The adjustable pressure bar provides side lateral support to ensure the SuperJamb Jamb Skid stays secure while in use. Extends from 48″ to 110″














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