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• Available for use with Manholes or Handholes
• Made from high impact resistant polyethylene
• Environmentally stabilized to resist fading
• Lightweight and easily stored
• Custom sizes available


Designed with complete safety in mind, U-TECK’s Safe-T Lid Temporary Covers provide fall-in protection while you perform various functions with a manhole or handhole lid removed.

Our Safe-T Lids are lightweight, yet very strong. Constructed from environmentally stabilized, high impact resistant polyethylene, it is strong enough to support over 300 lbs. of direct weight.

Featured on both the manhole and handhole temporary covers are openings along the edge large enough to accommodate cables that extend out of the hole, and two hand openings for easy transport, placement and removal.

Often splicing crews working inside splicing trailers beside a manhole need to provide additional fall-in protection from the public as well as the crew members themselves. Additionally, both types of Safe-T Lids Covers are also a great accessory for Utility Locators, who often must connect their equipment to the cables located in an existing man or hand hole while often leaving it unattended and unprotected.

The Safe-T Lid Temporary Cover for manholes can also be ordered with a transmitter hook. This allows the transmitter to be placed under the Safe-T Lid, reducing the possibility of damage or theft when the locator isn’t looking.

The Versa Lid allows you to have multiple size lids… all in ONE lid!

Fits openings 27.5″ to 38.5″


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