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Seat Cushion:
MS2 Splice adapter:
Tool Base Adapter:

Thickly padded cushion in a weather resistant cover. Comes complete with three large pockets on each side for tools and materials.
VPN: 55430-CU-BLK

Fits on your MS2 splicing tool to easily attach and remove it from the splicer seat.
VPN: 55420

MS2 Splice Adapter
Installation Instructions

Assists you when permanently attaching your 710 splicing tool to the Splicer Seat.
VPN: 55450

Tool Base Adapter
Installation Instructions

Splicing Arm Base:
710 Splice Adapter:
Splicing Mat:

Fits under your Splicer Seat to attach your modular splicing tool, when you do not want to attach it directly to the seat.
VPN: 55430-BASE

Fits on your 710 modular splicing tool to easily attach and remove it from the Splicer Seat.
VPN: 55500

710 Splice Adapter
Installation Instructions

3’x4′ – Rugged, washable, reusable pad that covers the work area. Keep jelly filled cable from the dirt and you and your tools out of the mud and weeds.
VPN: 55430-MAT

Universal Splicing Head Adapter

Create a WorkCenter Ergo Seat from your existing Splicer Seat with these accessories.
VPN: 55430-RetroKit

Used to temporarily attach either a 710 or MS2 splicing machine to the Ergonomic Splicer Seat. Can be mounted in several locations as desired by individual splicers.
VPN: 55460

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