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Fiber Optic Splicing Workstation


  • Portable workbench
  • Large work surface
  • Compact fold-up
  • Built in slots & holes for tools
  • Heavy duty steel legs
  • Cable management attachment included
  • Quick-attach standoffs for hanging







U-TECK is proud to offer the next generation fiber splicing workstation to support fiber splicing at the splice or optical network terminal (ONT).  The NEW! Fiber Optic Splicing Workstation has a larger work surface, but offers the ability to fit in most work sites. It can be used as a freestanding workbench or in narrow manhole environments, inside tents, central office work, and light enough for aerial work in a bucket or attached directly to the cable support strand by removing the work surface from the stand.

The heavy duty, steel legs lock firmly to the work surface and stands at a generous 31-1/2 inches tall, keeping your table at a comfortable working level.  Our unique Cable Management Bracket fits securely on either side of the workbench, allowing jacketed strands to stay put and separated until you need them.

Separate the work surface from the stand and quickly attach the two unique stand-off props with adjustable webbing into the 4 accessory slots and you can take your work table to new heights, giving you a secure and level work surface when hanging it over terminal casings inside data rooms, closets, and outdoors against a wall for wall-mounted ONT’s or NID’s.

Attach the Aerial Strand Cables into the 4 accessory slots and your table is right where you need it for work at the cable support strand while working from an aerial bucket truck.

The Workstation surface area is approximately 35-1/2” x 22-1/2”, with an inside recessed area of 22” x 18” and a weight capacity of 100 lbs. Slots and holes are molded into the table to conveniently hold tools, parts, splicing sleeves and other splicing equipment. This recessed area prevents small pieces from rolling off. The table folds up neatly for quick and easy transport and storage.

If you use the Workstation with the table top, floor stand and cable management bracket, it will weigh in at 17.63 lbs.

Hanging the Workstation using just table top, stand-offs, and the cable management bracket, the total weight is a mere 10.27 lbs!

The Fiber Splice Case Stand is a portable support stand designed to hold fiber closures when performing splicing duties. It works great in conjunction with our Fiber Optic Splicing Workstation!

No matter where your fiber splicing duties take you, you’ll want to have this lightweight Workstation available at all times. Durable, portable and stable, this will become a standard in your splicing environment.

Workstation with floor stand, cable management bracket, and stand-offs   VPN: 55701
Workstation with floor stand and cable management bracket   VPN: 55706



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