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Quadrant Block Support Bar


U-TECK’s Quadrant Block Support Bar is ideal when using the RayDius Quadrant Block as a Lip Roller on the edge of a manhole or handhole. This Multi-Position design also works well off the grounds surface to ensure proper cable travel.

Additional bars can be attached for extra stability.

This Support Bar holds the Quadrant Block in place while pulling and guiding fiber cables into or out of an underground duct, manholes, or handholes.

Weighing just 6 pounds, this support bar in constructed of Non-Conductive materials and can be used with other Quadrant Blocks on the market as well.

Each Support Bar Bracket has 2 rubber bumpers to prevent slippage once it has been positioned.

VPN: 59300


  • All NON-CONDUCTIVE materials
  • Lightweight, and Durable Design
  • Can be used with most Quadrant Blocks
  • Rubber Bumpers Prevent Slippage



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