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Pack-Rat Locator’s Vest™

Class 2 Standard Vest
Class 2 Mesh Vest Class 3 Breakaway Vest


• Specifically designed for Utility Locators
• Carry up to 4 marker paint cans and 200 marking flags
• Pocket locations ensure comfortable & balanced carrying capacity
• Available in fluorescent orange-red or yellow-green
• ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class 2 compliant
• Multi-use safety vest
• U.S. Patent: US D622036 S

Cans of paint. Marker flags. These are just some of the tools of your trade. Where do you put them while walking city streets or through rural neighborhoods with your locator & paint sprayer in hand, and when your work van can be blocks away? Only one vest can take on the load, and that is the U-TECK Pack-Rat™ Locator Vest!

Originally created with locating personnel in mind, the U-TECK Pack-Rat™ Locator Vest reduces job completion time by providing specially designed pockets and pouches for a comfortable and balanced way of carrying up to 4 spray-paint cans, over 200 marking flags, inductive clamp, test leads, can wrench, pliers, radio/cell phone, dog repellant, maps, pens, etc. Everything you need is all within reach, while the vest maintains the ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class 2 rating required for federal roadways.

The U-TECK Pack-Rat™ Locator Vest is a piece of safety equipment that will soon be the must-have for anyone whose work routinely puts them in dangerous traffic areas with little or no visibility. Be it the cable or utility locator, contractor, or any other trade that expects you to be on the street and have tools in reach to get the job done…and get it done quickly!

Practical by design. Balanced by necessity. Comfortable by demand.

The New! U-TECK Pack-Rat™ Locator Vest!

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Class 2 Standard Vest in Orange
Class 2 Standard Vest in Yellow
Class 2 Mesh Vest in Orange
Class 2 Mesh Vest in Yellow 60022Y
Class 3 Breakawy Vest in Orange
Class 3 Breakawy Vest in Yellow
Sizes Available: L, XL, XXL, and XXXL










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