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U-TECK’s Fiber Optic Protector Sleeves were developed to protect and strengthen fusion splices on fiber cables. The construction of the three separate protective and strengthening elements of the sleeve are distinctive in the function that each provides.

The inner stainless steel pin keeps the sleeve rigid and stable. The pins are vibratory tumbled with a special medium. This eliminates the possibilty of fiber scarring or material penetration, preventing damage to sensitive glass fibers.

The outer tube is manufactured of a heat shrinking polyolefin. This encloses the inner tube and the encapsulated fiber splice, providing double protection and ensuring that moisture and air are eliminated from the fiber splice.

U-TECK’s Fiber Optic Protector Sleeves are available in a standard length of 2 3/8″ and are adaptable with all standard organizers. However, various lengths are available upon request.

VPN 55501

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