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Fiber Drop Caddy


  • Constructed from 3/4” impact resistant plastic
  • Fiber coil easily attaches to caddy with just ONE carabiner!
  • Can handle up to 1500′ fiber drops!
  • Pivoting, rubber feet and wide base prevents sliding or tipping
  • Compact design perfect for storage and transport
  • Made in America

Are you or your Techs having a difficult time walking out Fiber Drops? Are your longer drop lines difficult to manage because they tend to ‘spring’ back? Introducing the solution to your problems! The ALL NEW Fiber Drop Caddy!

Made from solid 3/4” impact resistant plastic, the Fiber Drop Caddy can handle the everyday wear and tear all of your equipment is subjected to, and then some. The non-fading safety yellow color gives you extra visibility. Notched handle makes for easy pick-up and go!

An empty caddy weighs 22lbs and weighs 45lbs holding a 1000’ drop.

The weight keeps the caddy stable and in place while paying out fiber drop.

This caddy can also be used to pay out fiber coils, wire, or pull tape, that are already on a core with a 1.25” inside diameter by using the spindle only.

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Fiber Drop Caddy 59016 22 lbs





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