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Micro-Trench Clip and Insertion Tool

VPN: 55300

Micro-Trench Clip 
VPN: 55310


• Quick and easy insertion into narrow trenches
• Prevents microduct movement when backfilling
• Clips constructed from durable stainless steel

Micro-trenching has become a widely accepted method of installing fiber optic services into areas where traditional cable placement would be too invasive.

Micro-trenching involves cutting a narrow trench into concrete sidewalks, asphalt roadways, across parking lots, etc. Microduct is then installed into these trenches and usually placed relatively shallow as compared to traditional cable trenches. Many times the ducts float inside the trench for a myriad of reasons, mostly from the memory of the plastics, or the direction the trench is taking.

U-TECK has developed an approved method of holding the duct firmly to the bottom of the trench by placing our new trench clips into the narrow gap of the trench and firmly against the duct. These spring clips expand and press against the sidewalls of the trench and hold the duct in place so that backfilling procedures can then take place. These clips are installed using our trench clip insertion tool. A trench clip is attached to the tip of the trench clip insertion tool and then pressed into the gap of the trench and firmly against to the top of the duct. Trench clips are specially designed to release from the insertion tool as they are forced into the gap. Trench clips are packaged in a standard package on 1000 pcs.

Pictured below is the Micro-Trenching Tamper Tool in-use with the Micro-Trench Clip and Insertion Tool for an easy installation of microduct into a concrete trench.


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