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RUNG RUNNER™ Ladder Caddy

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Watch our Rung Runner video and see just how easy and safe moving ladders can be!


• Can be used with any style of ladder
• Reduces worker fatigue
• Helps prevent back strains and injury
• Decreases property damage
• Increases single-worker productivity
• Fast and easy assembly with most ladders
• Off-sets ladder weight for safer single-worker use

U-TECK introduces the Rung Runner™, the easiest way to carry and transport heavy extension ladders from vehicle to job site. Using a universal tether, you can now carry any type of ladder, including large extension ladders with solid rails.

The Rung Runner™ has a unique design that enables it to cradle any type of extension ladders on their side, reducing the ladder weight by as much as 90%. This is the easiest and most stable way to carry them.

Using the new Rung Runner™, worker fatigue is virtually eliminated, off-setting the weight of the ladder, making it lighter and more easily maneuverable into tight spots such as parking lots, construction sites, and into gated fences.

Worker productivity is increased because of the ease of getting ladders to and from the work site more quickly.

The framework is constructed of lightweight polymer and stainless steel, making U-TECK’s Rung Runner™ extremely tough and durable.

VPN: 59501-C



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The Rung Runner™ attaches to any extension ladder using the universal tether as shown. There are no tools required. Also, by using our simple attaching method, there is nothing to permanently attach to the ladder.

Once at the work site, quickly press the quick release buckle on the universal tether and slide the tether off of the ladder and you are ready to work. Once your work has finished and your extension ladder is ready to transport, slip the Rung Runner™ universal tether onto the ladder, tighten the tether, and you are ready to effortlessly leave the job site.

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