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Ladder Splicing Platform

Have you ever found yourself needing to splice while working on a ladder?

Transporting and assembling a makeshift splicing platform while trying to maneuver up extension ladders was, in the past, a difficult and UNSAFE task.

U-TECK’s new Ladder Splicing Platform solves the problem of Splicing while on a ladder!

Our ALL NEW Splicing Platform attaches directly to the ladder for a secure, stable work area.

The all NEW Splicing Platform is strong (but lightweight) and can be adjusted in either direction, can be switched from Left/Right to accommodate dexterity and works with EVERY ladder we have been able to find!

Secure your splicing machine with the Captive Knob (included) and splice comfortably – at NIOSH recommended 75 degree angle – while working atop ladders!

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