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RayDius Fiber Quadrant Block

RayDius™ Fiber Quadrant Block


• Solid, Smooth, Cable Channel for consistent cable travel
• Lightweight and Durable

• Ergonomic Grips for Safe Handling

• 6 CableKeeper slots for securing cable while using Deltec strapping or Tie Wraps
• All Stainless-Steel Hardware

• Suitable for Cables up to 1.75″ in Diameter
• Minimum Bend Diameter and Max Load info clearly visible

• Fits most all existing Jamb Skids, Hanger Arms, Hanger Blocks, Support Bars, and Pole Brackets

U-TECK’s New RayDius™ Fiber Quadrant Blocks are designed to protect fiber optic cable during installation. These producst can be used as an Infeed Guide or as an Outfeed Guide for Fiber Cable to prevent breakage, which can occur on some standard quadrant blocks. Pulling Diameter  of 40” MBD (101cm) and 42″ MBD, 600lbs (2700N) Max Cable Tension Load. *Always refer to recommended guidelines from cable manufacturers.

Using a new, gently curving solid design we were able to provide a smooth contour, while maintaining the required bend radius of the Fiber Optic Cable, and eliminating breakage caused from contact pressure.

These products will fit on all standard Jamb Skids, Hanger Arms, Hanger Blocks, Support Bars and Pole Brackets. The RayDius™ block has 6 unique CableKeeper slots for using Deltec™ strapping or tie wraps when you want to ensure that the cable continues to travel over the block without bouncing off. Using proper tools, such as the RayDius™ will also greatly reduce man hours spent trying to resolve internal cable breakage issues. The RayDius™ is also safer to utilize and lightweight for easier manuvering
in small spaces with ergonomic grips molded into the design! Buy with or without the Ballistic Nylon Case!

The RayDius™ has gone through extensive wear and temperature testing and has exceeded all factory testing standards. And did we mention it’s available at a fraction of the cost of traditional Quadrant Blocks?

Not only that, but we are currently working on several products that will work with the RayDius™ – such as Aerial Pole Brackets to allow vertical and horizontal pivoting! Buy this product with or without the Carrying case – which features ridgid side walls, padded shoulder strap and inside pockets!


And did we mention it’s available at a fraction of the cost of traditional Quadrant Blocks?


DESCRIPTION:                                                                         PRODUCT NUMBER:                                           WEIGHT:

RayDius Fiber Quadrant Block                                               59200                                                                       9LBS.

Balistic Nylon Carrying Case w/ padded strap                       59225                                                                     3.8LBS.


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