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calibration and certifications


In order to better serve our customers, U-TECK offers a unique service called the Total Support System (T.S.S.). Through the Total Support System, our factory trained personnel will perform the OSHA required yearly certification on your gas detector(s).

The Total Support System (T.S.S.) consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Verify and adjust to correct detection levels with factory certified calibrator gas.
  • Check all lights.
  • Check all audio alarms.
  • Check all sensors.
  • Check for broken or damaged parts.
  • Replace batteries.
  • Verify that correct check gas is being used by craft personnel
  • Make minor repairs.
  • Quick Check training.
  • Verify that correct accessories are being used.
  • Supply additional training as needed.
  • Explain laws and rules for manhole and confined space testing.

If any unit is found to require more intensive repairs we will request your authorization before any repairs are performed, as per your company policy.


All you have to do to receive this service for your gas detectors is call U-TECK at 1-800-542-7011 to schedule your unit’s yearly certification, or go to the GAS DETECTOR CERTIFICATION REQUEST PAGE on our website and complete a Certification Request. One of our customer service representatives will be glad to assist you.


U-TECK continually strives to provide complete service excellence to our customers in regards to all products we produce and market. This commitment to excellence is especially important when it comes to our gas detectors, where your safety is most clearly affected and lives could be lost.

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