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Cable Pulling & Installation products to make your life easier

Today we are going to take a look at the Cable Pulling & Installation tools developed by U-TECK to simplify everyday jobs. All of the products featured in this article are used when dealing with cable in trenches. These products have been developed over time to solve specific issues encountered in the field.

*Please ensure you are following your company’s proper procedures when digging and laying cable*

The Fiber Drop Caddy

One of the biggest pains when starting a job is trying to lay out the coil for your fiber drops. Longer drop lines have a tendency of ‘springing back’, causing delays in the job flow having to deal with this. U-TECK’s Fiber Drop Caddy is designed to hold and manage fiber drop hand coils. This caddy is adjustable to accommodate various inside diameters of coils. This caddy can also be used to pay out fiber coils, wire, or pull tape, that are already on a core with a 1.25” inside diameter and a 5.25″ wide width, by using the spindle only.

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Cable Pulling Mesh

Also referred to as cable socks or stockings, Cable Pulling Mesh is used to pull cables through ducts. U-TECK’s NEW Cable Pulling Mesh provides an easy convenient means of pulling various sizes of Fiber Optic Cable. Made with Dual Polymer and Kevlar Construction, Radial Compression holds cables tightly during pull. We recommend using a Bowline knot when using the Cable Pulling Mesh. This product comes pre-cut OR in a bulk reel for added convenience!

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RayDius Fiber Quadrant Block

U-TECK’s New RayDius™ Fiber Quadrant Block is designed to protect fiber optic cable during installation. This product can be used as in Infeed Guide or as an Outfeed Guide for Fiber Cable to prevent breakage, which can occur on some standard quadrant blocks. Pulling Diameter  of 40” MBD (101cm), 600lbs (2700N) Max Cable Tension Load. *Always refer to recommended guidelines from cable manufacturers.

Using a new, gently curving solid design we were able to provide a smooth contour, while maintaining the required bend radius of the Fiber Optic Cable, and eliminating breakage caused from contact pressure.

This product will fit on all standard Jamb Skids, Hanger Arms, Hanger Blocks, Support Bars and Pole Brackets. The RayDius™ block has 6 unique CableKeeper slots for using Deltec™ strapping or tie wraps when you want to ensure that the cable continues to travel over the block without bouncing off. Using proper tools, such as the RayDius™ will also greatly reduce man hours spent trying to resolve internal cable breakage issues. The RayDius™ is also safer to utilize and lightweight for easier manuvering
in small spaces with ergonomic grips molded into the design!

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Micro Trench Tamper Tool

One challenge faced when placing fiber into these trenches is making sure the fiber is laying at the bottom of the entire trench in order to avoid potential future damage by road re-surfacing or other maintenance activities on the surface above. We’ve created a quick and easy tool that will ensure that your fiber is tucked neatly at the bottom of the trench and out of harms way.

The 3/4” thick, 14” long tamper fits easily into the slot-cut, and, with it’s curved end design, fits snug to the fiber cable without pinching or cutting. The tamper end is made from 100% recycled plastics fitted over welded forged steel. The straight 48“ hardwood handle makes it easy to use and quick to tuck away in the back of your truck.

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Clip Insertion Tool

Micro-trenching involves cutting a narrow trench into concrete sidewalks, asphalt roadways, across parking lots, etc. Microduct is then installed into these trenches and usually placed relatively shallow as compared to traditional cable trenches. Many times the ducts float inside the trench for a myriad of reasons, mostly from the memory of the plastics, or the direction the trench is taking.

U-TECK has developed an approved method of holding the duct firmly to the bottom of the trench by placing our new trench clips into the narrow gap of the trench and firmly against the duct. These spring clips expand and press against the sidewalls of the trench and hold the duct in place so that backfilling procedures can then take place. These clips are installed using our trench clip insertion tool. A trench clip is attached to the tip of the trench clip insertion tool and then pressed into the gap of the trench and firmly against to the top of the duct. Trench clips are specially designed to release from the insertion tool as they are forced into the gap.

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The Street Saver

U-TECK’s New “Street Saver”  and “Street Saver Slim” Micro-Trench Protectors gives Fiber Optic Contractors added protection on their Saw Cuts, keeping the trench open and preventing edge breakage, prior to back filling. These are great for high pedestrian areas and won’t cause issues for bicyclists or strollers

Two lengths are available to assist in complete trench coverage, and linking The “Street Savers” together is simple using our interlocking design, which also allows for flexibility when micro-trenches are cut along curves.

Select from the 12″ or 6″ widths for added convenience while working on the job!

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Temporary Fiber Drop Markers

When new communication services are installed at a location, often a temporary cable is placed on the ground and left until such time as a crew can come and permanently bury the cable in the ground. This leaves the cable vulnerable from damage caused by vehicle traffic, mowers and people tripping on the cable, not aware of its presence.

U-TECK has developed a temporary solution to this problem – The Temporary Fiber Drop Markers!

Our markers are made from a Highly Visible Fluorescent Orange Acrylic material that enhances the visibility of the cable and helps reduce damage that might occur. Each marker is 2.5″ in diameter.

Simply insert the staple pin onto the marker disc with the message side up, straddle  the cable with the marker, and push firmly into the ground. The arrow indicator should align with the direction of the cable. Space markers adequately for best results.

U-TECK’s Temporary Fiber Drop Markers are meant to be reused.

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