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Splicer Seat

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  • Extremely Rugged
  • Today’s Material
  • Convenient Tool Slot
  • Large Sitting Area
  • Textured Surface
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Available in Grey or High Visibility Safety Orange

U-TECK has combined a longtime, craft-accepted design with a new polyethylene material to produce a rugged splicer seat that can be warranted for up to five years.

With the U-TECK Splicer Seat, there is never a need for water treatment because it is waterproof. No need for painting, either; the color is molded into the seat. And no worries about splintering. It is ouchless! This seat can be drilled to attach other equipment, such as splicing machines.

U-TECK has even included a handy tool slot in the top to hold your tools, connectors, or other small items when you need them close at hand. Conventional splicing machines can be attached to the Splicer Seat. The unique design of the seat allows it to be used at three different positions for varied heights. The Splicer Seat also makes an excellent footstool. With this seat, you will never need to purchase a replacement again.

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