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What maintenance should users of this instrument perform?

  • Try to keep the Central Monitoring Unit (CMU), Remote Sensing Unit (RSU) and all cords and connections clean at all times. Clean with a dry or semi-most cloth only.
  • Users may replace any broken light bulb covers or inoperative light bulbs by unscrewing the lens cover and replacing the cover or bulb. Screw the colored lens cover(s) tightly back in place.
  • The user may also replace the AC or DC fuses as necessary.
  • The user may replace the flexible carrying strap, or retaining knobs as necessary.

NOTE: These repair parts are all available from U-TECK

How should the sensor housing be cleaned?

  • If the sensor holes at the RSU square sensor housing become clogged with mud, dirt, or other foreign matter, try to carefully clean them out with a “Q” tip, soft brush, moist cloth, etc, or similar method.
  • Do not try to flush out with water or other liquid.
  • Do not try to remove the sensor housing from the RSU; it does not unscrew.

NOTE: If the sensor becomes so contaminated by mud, dirt or other substance that it cannot be cleaned off, arrange for authorized maintenance as described below.

What other maintenance items are recommended?

  • The plastic lock nut at the top of the RSU should be kept tight in order to prevent the cord from pulling out of the RSU. Be careful not to over tighten this nut however, as it could crack or the threads could strip under excessive pressure.
  • Periodically check and tighten (if necessary) all exterior screws on the CMU.
  • To prevent premature wear or stress on the power cord and/or the RSU cord, always unplug them from the back of the CMU before storing the unit in the bag.

NOTE: Personnel who are not factory qualified and authorized should not attempt any maintenance other than that described previously.

For any maintenance or repair questions, or for user replacement parts availability, please contact U-TECK at 1-800-542-7011. A unit that is not functioning properly may need to be examined by a U-TECK field representative, or returned to U-TECK for factory authorized service.

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