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What to do if a GasTrac instrument will not turn on, shuts off unexpectedly, or the batteries do not seem to get fully charged (rechargeable units only):

Check to see if the “Lo Bat” red warning light on the side of the instrument is illuminated. If this indicator is red or “flickering”, it shows that there is very little life left in the batteries, or the batteries may be loose. If the batteries are completely dead however, the low battery-warning red indicator will not light at all. The following corrective actions steps should be taken:

1) Check inside of the battery compartment to make sure that there is no corrosion on the batteries and/or the instrument battery contact springs (the instrument might have been dropped into manhole water at some time previously, and not dried out properly). If there is corrosion on the batteries, they should be replaced. If there is corrosion on the instrument’s battery contact springs, clean off the corrosion from the springs as best as possible, using very fine emery cloth.

2) Check the tension on the contact springs to ensure that good contact is being made with the batteries. If there is poor tension, take out the batteries and re-tension the contact springs by hand to ensure good contact between the battery and contact springs when the batteries are re-installed.

NOTE: Sometimes, users of the instrument will interchange rechargeable batteries with regular alkaline batteries in NGX-6 CMR rechargeable units. It is important to note that are some slight size differences between alkaline and rechargeable batteries (some alkaline batteries are larger in length and diameter). Always ensure proper tensioning of the battery compartment clips to compensate for any differences in battery length. Also, if the batteries seem to be loose inside of the battery compartment (after replacing the battery compartment cover), battery compartment cushioning strips are available at no charge from U-TECK that will eliminate this condition.

3) Check to see if any of the wires connected to the battery contact springs are broken off at the springs, or are cut off inside of the battery compartment. If they are, the unit should be returned to U-TECK for factory repairs (as in paragraph 6 below).

4) If none of these conditions is present, or the appropriate corrective actions have been taken as described previously, securely re-fasten the battery compartment and re-test the unit with fresh alkaline or fully charged rechargeable batteries.

5) If the instrument now turns on properly, no further action should be required.

6) If the instrument will still not turn on, still shuts off unexpectedly while in use, or rechargeable batteries do not seem to be getting a full charge from the battery charger, there is an internal problem (i.e., the instrument or charger may have been dropped heavily and damaged a component). If this is the case, the instrument should be tagged as defective, and returned for repair to:

700 Mockernut Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28312

NOTE: If it is an NGX-6 CMR (rechargeable unit) that is being returned for repair, the battery charger should also be returned with the instrument so it can be tested also.

Any questions may be directed to U-TECK Customer Service at 1-800-542-7011.

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