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How to properly “Quick Check” GasTrac Instruments prior to use:

  1. Use only the U-TECK “Quick Check” gas and Gas Flow Regulator provided by U-TECK. “Quick Check” gas is formulated specifically for testing GAS TRAC instruments to ensure that the unit’s lowest level of response (slight light) to combustible gas is at 10% LEL (Lowest Explosive Level) of methane. Using only approved “Quick Check” gas also ensures that OSHA and manufacturer calibration requirements for testing gas detection instruments are met.
  2. The calibration “Quick Check Kit” consists of one small lightweight steel cylinder of 2.5% test gas (methane in air), a valve to regulate gas flow and a hose with an adapter for applying gas to the GAS TRAC instrument sensor.
  3. Do not check the operation of the Gas Trac by sampling the vapors from truck exhaust, gasoline, propane, a butane lighter, or acetylene. This can permanently damage the sensor and affect its accuracy. Also, do not use gas from other test kits such as the “C” Gas Test Kit (used formerly for testing B-Gas Indicators or Explosimeters). Only the special gas in the “Quick Check Kit” is suited for this application, and ensures proper instrument response to 10% LEL.
  4. A “quick check” of the instrument should be performed at the job site prior to “Testing, Purging, and Ventilating” as covered by telco practices.
  5. Perform a “Quick Check” as follows:
  • Turn the instrument on in a gas free atmosphere and allow it to warm up for a few minutes until the instrument’s green “READY” light is established.
  • Set the instrument’s audible “tick rate” to about 1 tick per second.
  • Screw the regulator valve from the calibration “Quick Check Kit” onto the cylinder hand tight. Then, connect the short hose from the kit onto the regulator valve.
  • Next, hold the adapter that is at one end of the hose in place over the GAS TRAC sensor housing at the end of the flexible “gooseneck”. Within 20 seconds the red “Alarm Warning” LED should start to flash and the alarm horn should sound a loud warbling signal.
  • After the “quick check” is completed, remove the adapter from the sensor and the hose from the cylinder to prevent wasting the gas. As the gas dissipates from the sensor, the alarms should cease, and the LED’s should sequence back to the normal green “READY” light (normally within 20 seconds). The tick rate should also slow back to its original setting.
  • If the instrument reacts to the “quick check” test as described, it is ready for operation.

NOTE: If the Gas Trac does not respond properly to the “quick check” test, it may indicate that the sensor has become polluted (especially if non-standard testing was performed as previously described in paragraph 3 above). Sensors are field replaceable, and re-testing with a new sensor is recommended. If the unit responds properly to the “quick check” after a new sensor is installed, it is now ready for operation. If the unit still does not respond properly, it is malfunctioning and must be returned for repairs to:

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