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What to do if a GasTrac instrument is dropped into a manhole full of water

The Gas Trac instrument is water-resistant. It will withstand the rigors of year round field use in inclement weather. If the instrument is accidentally dropped into a manhole full of water however, the unit could be badly damaged. If this happens, the following steps should be taken.

1. Remove instrument out of the manhole water as quickly as possible.

2. Open the battery compartment, remove the batteries and carefully dry out the inside of the battery compartment and batteries as best as possible with a clean dry rag or paper towel.

3. Replace the batteries, and close the battery compartment securely.

4. Place the entire instrument at the end of a blower (ventilator) hose with the heater on (as if drying out a wet cable). Leave the instrument exposed to the heat from the blower for 10 minutes or so.

5. Then, “Quick Check” the instrument using only U-TECK approved “Quick Check” test gas (2.5 % Methane in Air mixture).

6. If the unit responds properly to the quick check test gas, no further action should be necessary.

– However –

7. If the unit does not respond properly, the sensor probably became saturated or polluted, and needs to be replaced.

NOTE: Damaged sensors can be easily replaced in the field, and spare Gas Trac sensors may be obtained from U-TECK. The sensor is located inside of the protective cap at the end of the Gas Trac flexible “Gooseneck”. By depressing the protective cap’s locking tab, the protective cap can then be removed, the damaged sensor unplugged, and a new sensor plugged in. After replacing a sensor, place the protective cap securely back into place.
8. “Quick Check” the instrument again with approved quick check test gas immediately after replacing a sensor. If the instrument responds properly, no further action should be necessary.

9. If the instrument does not respond properly to a re-test with quick check test gas, more than likely there is internal damage to the unit that cannot be field repaired.

10. If this is the case, the instrument should be tagged as defective, and returned for repair to:

700 Mockernut Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28312

Any questions may be directed to U-TECK Customer Service at 1-800-542-7011.

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