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As mentioned in this month’s safety tip, “The Hazards of Heat Stress,” the effects of hot summer temperatures can range from uncomfortable cramps to dangerous strokes. The best way to beat the heat is to be prepared at your jobsite with preventative measures.

Because we have provided for field personnel for over 20 years, we know the work challenges faced every day. We know that your personnel have to spend long hours while baking in the sun, dodging raindrops, or working around utility housings and other remote electrical equipment structures. We offer solutions to keep your personnel cool, dry and safely on the job with our complete line of tents and work umbrellas.

Tents in the field are a must-have when battling nature’s elements. Be it rain, snow, sun or wind, U-TECK has a tent specially designed for your needs. We feature the pop-up-style tent, intended to go up quickly to protect your personnel. We carry only quality tents, all with a long life and easy set-up.

Types of Tents
We have tents for practically every need, with quality features to meet your job site requirements. A sample of some of our tents and features are:

Fiber Tents   Vent Tents
Manhole Tents   Connecting Tents
Pedestal Tents   Roll-up & Pole-wrap Doors
Canopy Tents   Square and Rectangle
Wall Tents    

Our freestanding tents are carefully constructed to ensure stability, even if the tent has two doors. Combine this with the optional pack-and-go carrying bag, your choice of walls, height, and ventilation windows, and you get versatility and safety no matter where your job takes you.

Work Umbrellas
A work umbrella is an economical means of protecting your personnel from the moving elements or the steady beating down of the sun. The unique 3-position tilt-top option provides adjustable relief for any hour of the day.

Heavy-duty construction, with aluminum/hardwood poles, reinforced vinyl canopy, and the optional carrying case, makes this the logical choice for use on the ground or in a tractor, mower, or bucket truck.

There is no danger of metal contact of underground utilities when driving the pole into the ground, as it is composed of a pointed hardwood extension pole on the bottom of the umbrella.

Dielectric Umbrellas
Like our standard work umbrellas, our dielectric umbrellas are 7 ½’ tall and have reinforced lining, high-quality craftsmanship, and optional 3-position tilt. Adding value to this umbrella are the optional window in the covering of the umbrella and the non-conductive fiberglass skeleton, tested to be safe up to 15Kv.

These other unique features make this one of the most versatile umbrellas on the market:

Suction Mount – For mounting the umbrella on smooth surfaces such as the inside of a bucket or the side of metal equipment boxes.
Tripod Anchor System – Fitted with heavy-duty non-metallic stakes, which anchor the umbrella to the ground while you work.
Bright Safety Yellow Material – For better visibility.
Optional Carrying Bag with Carrying Handles – For easy transport.

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