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weedender pedestal 2016

We have all been there, trying to find a telecom pedestal among a jungle of weeds and spending too much time and money keeping these pedestals clear of invasive weed growth. The old solutions of routinely trimming and spraying herbicides can be problems in themselves. U-TECK has perfected an innovative alternative for vegetation growth around pedestals with our WeedEnder Ped-Mat. This product has been used by the telecom industry, with excellent results, for 15 years.

Used at telecommunications pedestals, and cross-connect cabinets, the WeedEnder Ped-Mat’s dense fibers are made with 100% recycled plastic drink bottles. These fibers deprive weeds of sunlight while allowing water and nutrients to easily pass through to maintain the root system around the mat. This minimizes erosion while controlling vegetation growth around the pedestal without herbicides or labor intensive mowing and trimming.

Not to be confused with landscape fabrics, the ¼ inch matting is rugged and strong, held in place with a specially designed 316 stainless steel staking system created especially for use with WeedEnder Vegetation Control Products. This material is so durable trucks can be driven over it without any damage. But as tough as it is, WeedEnder offers unusual versatility by allowing it to be rolled up in the event of line repairs or additions then rolled back into position without any decrease in performance.

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