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In this the issue of our Spring Safety Tips “Take Care of Your Back”, we discussed back problems and injuries, and how to prevent them. One of the subjects we addressed is “ergonomics”, which basically is the design of tools and workstations that interact with your body to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

With your safety on the job in mind, we have designed and now offer ergonomic equipment for use on the job to help prevent back problems and injuries. These products include:

Work Center “Ergo Splicer’s Seat
The ergo seat takes all of the features of our widely used “P” splicer seat, and goes one step better to make it a more ergonomically friendly “must-have” piece of equipment.

The special design of our ergo seat back gives positive support to the important lumbar region of the lower back, and this design lessens the chance for long-term back problems. It can also be adjusted to different slants for individual needs and comfort.

The seat cushion and spring design also lessens the nagging pain and pressure sometimes felt in the lower back during long duration jobs.

The two-position seat also allows for individual adjustment to compensate for the differences in individual height. No more dangling feet, or chin on your knees. The seat swivels 360 degrees, so there is no awkward reaching for tools or material. For more information on the Ergo Splicer’s Seat click here.

You can now work more comfortably and productively.

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