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Are you using your ladder safely?

When used properly, ladders can make your work a whole lot easier. But, the law of gravity can be a harsh reality for anyone who has spent time on a ladder. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 165,000 people each year visit the emergency room as a result of ladder accidents. It is also estimated that about 300 people die each year from ladder related accidents.

Rarely is the ladder to blame in these instances. If you plan on making that climb up the ladder make sure you follow a few safety precautions:

  • Position the ladder’s legs on a firm, level, solid surface
  • Straight or extension ladders should be angled appropriately
  • Open a step ladder completely before you climb
  • Use the right ladder for the job
  • Inspect ladder rungs for dirt and debris build-up
  • Don’t lean too far or overreach
  • Don’t use a ladder as a bridge or scaffold
  • Don’t use a damaged or unsafe ladder
  • Position your ladder in an area with an open overhead clearance

U-TECK offers ladder safety products that help reduce ladder injuries. Our Universal Ladder Wedge is used when a ladder must be used on uneven ground and one leg is not level, creating an unsafe climbing condition. The Ladder Wedge is placed under the unlevel foot to make the ladder steady. It is also needed if the ground is too soft to prevent the soil from moving, which can cause the ladder to shift when the user is climbing. You may view the Universal Ladder Wedge here.

U-TECK also offers the Rung Runner Ladder Caddy. The Rung Runner is the easiest way to carry and transport heavy extension ladders. This product has a unique design that enables it to cradle extension ladders on their side, reducing the ladder weight by as much as 90%. And the rugged wheels are durable enough for every kind of job site. Rolling your ladder is the easiest and most stable way to move your it from your vehicle to your worksite. You may view the Rung Runner Ladder Caddy here.

With proper use, ladders are a great tool to reach elevated areas. However, they can become a danger when misused. Take a few extra moments to follow these simple recommendations and you will maximize your safety!

To view U-TECK’s Ladder Safety Tools, please visit our website or contact U-TECK’s customer service for more information at (800) 542-7011.


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