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U-TECK Launches All New Fiber Quadrant Block!

Fiber Quadrant Blocks are one of the many devices used in cable placement and are necessary to ensure that fiber optic cabling is protected during these installations especially when placing newer high-count fiber cables.

Optical fiber cables are designed with a minimum bending radiuses and maximum tensile strengths. The cable should never be bent below its minimum bending radius, or internal, and often unknown, breakages can occur. A typical standard quadrant block is comprised of a series of rollers on a frame that serves as a guide to ensure that fiber optic cable is pulled along a proper bend radius to prevent breakage of the glass fibers that make up the core of the cable.


Up until now, a standard quadrant block has been used to feed the cable into/out of areas such as manholes and handholes through underground ducts and aerially onto utility poles. In theory the cable should travel along the rollers, and the rollers act as a guide to ensure that the cable is never bent below its minimum bending radius. However, this has proven not to be a reliable method of preventing breakage. The rollers themselves have proven to be a problem as they apply too much contact pressure to the cable, causing breakage to occur when the cable bends from roller to roller (the bend radius changes to a lesser minimum bend radius). This issue was being temporarily solved by modifying the quadrant blocks with split pipes and steel forms for a more constant path of travel for the cable.

U-TECK was recently approached to help develop an answer to this problem. After extensive research, they designed and developed a whole new design: a solid bodied quadrant block specifically for use when placing fiber optic cables. Using a new, gently curving, solid design they were able to provide a smooth contour, while maintaining the required bend radius of the Fiber Optic Cable, and eliminating breakage caused from contact pressure. The RayDius™ demonstrates a very low coefficient of friction.

Made with a unique, high-strength, polymer compound, The RayDius™ Fiber Optic Quadrant Block is made to withstand all outdoor conditions! The RayDius™ measures 29.25” length by 9.5” high by 2” width and weighs in at just 9lbs! The RayDius™ has been tested extensively at leading test sites and exceeds all manufacturer cable recommendations.

This product will fit on all standard Jamb Skids, Hanger Arms, Hanger Blocks, Support Bars and Pole Brackets. The RayDius™ block has 6 unique CableKeeper slots for using Deltec™ strapping or tie wraps when you want to ensure that the cable continues to travel over the block without bouncing off. Using proper tools, such as the RayDius™ will also greatly reduce man hours spent trying to resolve internal cable breakage issues. The RayDius™ is also safer to utilize and lightweight for easier maneuvering in small spaces with ergonomic grips molded into the design. The RayDius™ has gone through extensive testing and has exceeded all factory testing standards.  And did we mention it’s available at a fraction of the cost of traditional Quadrant Blocks?

We are currently working on several additional products that will work with the RayDius™, such as Pole Brackets and manhole frames to allow vertical and horizontal pivoting of the RayDius™ block!


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