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Ped Mat



• Fire-retardant

• Long-lasting 15 year warranty

• Improved visibility, reduces damage

• Easy to install

• Made from Recycled Plastic

• No Runoff

• No herbicides


U-TECK has developed a herbicide-free alternative to control unwanted vegetation around pedestals. The solution is now known as WeedEnder™ Ped-Mat.

Comprised of a dense, multi-directional needling of specially formulated synthetic polyester fibers, the material is additionally impregnated with a special resin with ultraviolet inhibitors and fire resistant properties. Constructed from 100% recycled material, WeedEnder ™ increases visibility, decreases herbicide use and site maintenance, and proves to be extremely durable.

While Ped-Mats increase visibility around your pedestals, it is also great for public relations by eliminating unsightly overgrown grass around pedestals or other fixtures on or next to someone’s manicured lawn. You get all of these benefits without the burden of weed-eating or unsightly herbicide use.

WeedEnder™ is also available in rolls for a larger coverage area. Rolls can be from 1 ft to 8 ft wide, and up to 250 foot length. Installation is simple. Determine the size of the pedestal and cut the Ped-Mat along the appropriate perforated lines and stake in place.

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