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Micro-Trenching Tamper Tool

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• 14” long, 3/4” wide tamping end
• Tamping end constructed from 100% recycled solid plastic
• Welded, forged steel handle attachment
• Designed for quick and easy use

The increase in fiber deployment initiatives have created the need for more cost effective ways of managing the task of fiber installation. Micro-trenching is one such solution.

Micro-trenches are low impact slot cuts into roads, sidewalks, etc, in which  fiber is  placed. This method offers quick and easy install, clean-up and surface repair, especially in urban areas. Although the widths and depths of these trenches vary based on local municipality specifications, the most common dimensions of the trenches are at least 1” wide, and up to 12” deep.

One challenge faced when placing fiber into these trenches is making sure the fiber is laying at the bottom of the entire trench in order to avoid potential future damage by road re-surfacing or other maintenance activities on the surface above. We’ve created a quick and easy tool that will ensure that your fiber is tucked neatly at the bottom of the trench and out of harms way.

The 3/4” thick, 14” long tamper fits easily into the slot-cut, and, with it’s curved end design, fits snug to the fiber cable without pinching or cutting. The tamper end is made from 100% recycled plastics fitted over welded forged steel. The straight 48“ hardwood handle makes it easy to use and quick to tuck away in the back of your truck.

Pictured below is the Micro-Trenching Tamper Tool in-use with the Micro-Trench Clip and Insertion Tool for an easy installation of microduct into a concrete trench.

VPN 55400

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