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U-TECK Introduces the ‘Street Saver’ and ‘Street Saver Slim’!



  • Helps Prevent Edge Breakage Prior to Back Filling
  • Two lengths available – 4’ and 8’
  • Two widths available – 12″ and 6″
  • 3/4” ‘fins’ keep the product in place
  • Street Savers can be Interlocked for Extended Coverage
  • Sloped Edges on both sides for Easy Ingress and Egress
  • Constructed from HDPE – will not Break or Crack
  • UV stable
  • Results in a Cleaner Looking Finished Product


U-TECK’s New “Street Saver” Micro-Trench Protectors gives Fiber Optic Contractors added protection on their Saw Cuts, keeping the trench open and preventing breakage, prior to back filling. Using the Micro-Trench Protector results in a much cleaner looking finished product.

Two lengths are available to assist in complete trench coverage, and linking The “Street Savers” together is simple using our interlocking design, which also allows for flexibility when micro-trenches are cut along curves.

Select from the 12″ or 6″ widths for added convenience while working on the job!

For higher speed traffic or overnight construction, there are 6 holes which can be used for temporally screwing or bolting the Street Savers into place.

The “Street Saver” is Constructed from High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE), will not break or crack under heavy traffic and are UV Stable. The Hi-Vis HDPE ensures increased motorist awareness to the construction zone. The Sloped Edges ensure ease for Ingress and Egress.

The “Street Savers” were designed to stay in place by utilizing the ¾” fins located underneath the product. These fins sit into the Micro Trench, ensuring the Micro-Trench Protectors will stay firmly in place.

*Be sure to follow all local Municipal Codes when using this Product


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