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Micro Trenching is Efficient and Cost Effective With U-TECK’s Micro Trenching Tools

U-TECK’s Micro Trenching Tamper Tool and Clip and Insertion Tool in use.

Tearing up existing roads to install new broadband networks can be an expensive hassle. Fiber network installers are aiming to get the job done faster, cheaper, and with minimal disruptions to local residents.

Micro trenching is gaining momentum as an efficient means of connecting locations to fiber networks. This involves cutting at least a 1″ wide and up to 12″ deep trench into existing pavement or concrete with diamond tipped saw blades. Microduct is then installed within the shallow trench and fiber is pushed through to the property. Once the fiber is in place, the trench is then back-filled and resurfaced to complete the installation.

One challenge faced when placing fiber into these trenches is making sure the fiber is laying securely at the bottom of the entire trench in order to avoid potential future damage by road re-surfacing or other maintenance activities on the surface above.

U-TECK has designed quick and easy tools that will ensure that the fiber is tucked neatly at the bottom of the trench and out of harms way. Our Micro-Trenching Tamper Tool fits easily into the slot-cut, and with its curved end design, fits securely to the fiber cable without pinching or cutting to hold the duct in place.

With the microduct held in place with the tamper tool, a U-TECK Micro-Trench Clip and Insertion Tool is used to place trench clips into the narrow gap of the trench which firmly holds the duct in place. These spring clips expand and press against the sidewalls of the trench and hold the duct in place so that backfilling procedures can then take place.

As fiber installations accelerate, the combination of micro trenching and U-TECK’s Micro-Trenching Tools provide a cost and time effective way of installing new networks. By working with these tools, carriers and installers can ensure that micro trenching increases their network size, while minimizing disruption and cost.

To view U-TECK’s Micro-Trenching Tools, please visit our website or contact U-TECK’s customer service for more information at (800) 542-7011.

Micro Trenching Tamper Tool

Micro-Trench Clip and Insertion Tool

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