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U-TECK Introduces Attic-Trax™ Walkboards

U-TECK Introduces Attic-Trax™ Walkboards

Used in pairs, Attic-Trax Walkboards allow workers to move safely through an attic space and provide a stable standing surface

U-TECK , a developer of specialized products for the telecommunications, utility, municipal and transportation industries, announces the availability of its Attic-Trax™ Walkboards . Used in pairs, Attic-Trax Walkboards help workers in the construction, HVAC and electrical industries move safely through an attic space, while preventing ceiling damage and increasing productivity.

U-TECK’s Attic-Trax Walkboards are constructed from durable, lightweight composites with beveled edges and corners, featuring a finger placement hole in the center of the board for easy pickup and repositioning. Each board has a 700-pound load rating and four support rails that allow users to safely stand and navigate between joists. The Attic-Trax Walkboards have been approved for use by some of today’s leading telecommunication service providers.

Russ Mason III, U-TECK’s vice president of sales, said, “After hearing concerns from electrical technicians about damaging ceilings while traversing through attics and standing on unstable beams, we created the Attic-Trax Walkboards. With a set of these sturdy, ergonomic boards, workers can more efficiently perform their jobs, as they are able to safely move around and comfortably stand in an attic space.”

Attic-Trax Walkboards are designed to work in attics with 16 or 24-inch OC joist spaces. Each kit includes two 20-by-28 inch textured, non-slip boards with high-visibility yellow edges and a detachable carry handle. U-TECK’s Attic-Trax Walkboards are available immediately through the company and its approved distributors. For more information or to locate a sales representative, visit or call 1-800-542-7011.

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U-TECK manufactures and supplies specialized products and services for the telecommunication, utility, municipal and transportation industries. Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise , U-TECK is dedicated to developing high-quality, innovative solutions that simplify everyday jobs in the field, including the unique, 100 percent recycled WeedEnder ® vegetation control matting for state departments of transportation and municipalities. In business for more than 25 years, U-TECK is headquartered in Fayetteville , N.C. , with a nationwide distributor network.


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