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In this month’s “Safety Tips” section of our web site, we discussed “ Hurricanes & Emergency Preparedness”. As you well know the catastrophic damage that can result from major storms such as hurricanes can include wreaking havoc with outside power, CATV, and telephone plant.

We all know the damage that can result to aerial cables and drop wires from high winds and falling trees and tree limbs. Severe damage can also be inflicted to underground plant as well. Pedestals and underground drop wires for example, can be washed out by flooding, necessitating repair or replacement.

With the heavy repair workload resulting from severe storms, in order to get as many customers in areas served by underground facilities back in service as quickly as possible, technicians will sometimes run a “temporary” drop above ground from the pedestal to the side of the house. Then, at a later date, a “trencher” will be dispatched to re-bury the service drop. Although this expedient measure may seem like the right thing to do at the time, it is going to result in what we call a costly “double dispatch”. Additionally, it may not always be possible to use a “trencher” because of the terrain at the customer location.

NOTE: This temporary running of drops above ground is not always limited to storm restoration work. Even in normal times it happens.

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