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Handi-Hoist Battery Lift



  • Attaches to any Wood, Composite, or Concrete Utility Poles
  • Dual Safety Straps are quick and easy to lock down
  • Non-Slip Rubber Pole Brackets are Universally Designed
  • Payload Cannot Free Fall
  • Rated lifting capacity of 175 lbs.
  • Height lifting capacity of 50 feet
  • Helps prevent personal injury
  • Helps prevent property damage
  • Folds for easy transport and storage
  • Battery Sling Included

U-TECK introduces the Handi-Hoist™, the easiest way to remove and replace heavy USP batteries from aerial cabinets.

The Handi-Hoist™ was designed to assist field technicians in the routine task of removing and replacing heavy USP batteries that are often located in aerial cabinets. Traditionally this job was performed by dangerously overloading the lifting capacity of bucket trucks or were simply carried up and down ladders. Both methods are very unsafe and often the result could be personal injury or property damage.

U-TECK designed a unique aerial hoist that is easily mounted onto a utility pole using 2, heavy duty, permanently attached, cinching straps. The rubber mounting brackets attached to the hoist frame have been designed using the profile specifications of many of the most commonly used utility poles. They are also capable of supporting the load in all kinds of weather conditions.

When choosing the proper winch mechanism for the Handi-Hoist™, much consideration was taken to provide a reliable, fail-safe way to raise and lower a payload while keeping personnel and property on the ground safe. U-TECK selected a worm-drive winch for this product. This type of winch cannot accidentally go into "Free Spool" and cause injury or damage. The payload can only be raised and lowered using an ordinary cordless drill. When you want a payload raised, you first put the drill in forward, attach it to the 5/8" stud on the bottom of the winch and pull the trigger. When you want to lower the payload, put the drill in reverse and lower away.  It's that easy!

Ordering Information                                          

Description              Product Number                Dimensions                    Weight

Handi-Hoist                   55810           26.5" L  x 13.75" W x 12.5" H      26.5 lbs.

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