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• More accurate utility marking
• Fully adjustable to fit most GPR units
• Time saver

When locating underground utilities using a Ground Penetrating Radar, it is important to properly mark your utility at the time and place where the center of the radar passes over the target. Having to take your eyes off of the screen to mark your target the old conventional way means you could possibly mark off-line by a few inches or more.

U-TECK’s CartMarker™ is the long awaited answer to this problem. By attaching the fully adjustable CartMarker™ to the frame of the cart and positioning the spray pattern directly over the center line of the radar, you can have accurate marks on target each time – every time. With the simple squeeze of the trigger you have the flexibility of spraying either a dot or a stripe.

The CartMarker™ trigger attaches to the handle of the GPR cart and controls the sprayer, much like hand brakes attach to a bicycle. Now you can spray your dot or stripe while keeping your eyes focused on the screen.

Able to accept all standard utility marking paints. you can even attach two CartMarker’s™ to your GPR. Now you can either spray one side….both sides….or load 2 different colors when locating multiple utilities.

The CartMarker™ is so versatile; you can swing the paint unit out of the way, while still attached, for easy transport. You don’t have to attach it each time you use it. Just loosen the adjustment knob, position the unit where you want it, and tighten the knob for a tight hold.

This revolutionary new marking system is ready to start saving you time and increase spray accuracy! Call customer service for assistance in ordering your CartMarker™ today!

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Cart Marker (for Mala Rough Terrain Cart)
Cart Marker (for Mala Easy Locator Cart)
Cart Marker (for Radio Detection Radar Cart)







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