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  • 700 lb. load rating
• Made from lightweight composites
• Two 18” x 26” textured, non-slip work surfaces per kit
• High-Visibility yellow edges for visual safety
• Quick-connect comfort handle for easy transport
• Works in attics with 16” or 24” OC joist spaces

Attic-Trax™ Walkboards are used to assist a technician in traversing safely through an attic space while performing functions such as wiring, equipment installations, structural repairs, etc. Used in pairs, the Attic-Trax™ Walkboards are designed to provide ample standing surfaces while being safely secured in place between either 16”OC (on center) or 24”OC joist spacing’s.

Constructed from durable composites that has beveled edges and corners, the Attic-Trax™ Walkboards features four sturdy support rails underneath to prevent any movement once it has been put between the joists. A finger placement hole located in the center of each board allows for easy pick-up and placement.

A convenient carry handle, able to be quickly attached or detached, connects a pair of Attic-Trax™ together for easy transport from truck to top of ladder. This carry handle is removed while Attic-Trax™ are in use and can easily fit into a pocket. Each Attic-Trax™ Walkboard is rated to carry a working load of 700 lbs. (318 kg).

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